“Across the pond” is a commonly used term to describe the expansive 3500+ miles of North Atlantic Ocean between the UK and our friends in the USA.


So when AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, a division of the global high-technology manufacturer AMETEK Inc., and long-standing client of Luminati / EMX enquired about a portable and sturdy creative display solution for the MD&M West expo in California and many other future events, we knew we had to create a product that would go the distance and then some!


The brief was simply to create a robust, hard-wearing product display plinth that could provide an eye-catching raised display area with branding and a high-end finish whilst being able to be dismantled and shipped easily whilst avoiding damage en-route.


With the long-haul shipping in mind, our team of designers set to work with 2 main considerations; to create a lightweight plinth, and to create something that could flat-pack for easy and low-cost shipping.


With extensive materials knowledge, the team chose to use an Aluminium Composite material for the main construction.  Aluminium Composite (known as ACM, or by brand names such as Dibond, Alupanel etc) is a composite material panel that features two external faces of aluminium, sandwiching a polyethylene core.  This composite offers excellent strength and impact resistance with the aluminium facing, whilst keeping the weight down with the polyethylene core. The material is available in a large selection of colours and finishes, so a gloss black finish was chosen to keep in-line with the brand guidelines set out by the client.


Producing a flat-pack product is relatively straightforward, but we needed to ensure that the customers exhibition team would be able to construct the plinths extremely quickly on site, so we needed to make sure the design offered simple construction by anyone.


To allow for this, the plinths were designed with innovative “clip and lock” mechanisms, so each side of the plinth simply pushed against a central core and slid down into a locking position – something that took a matter of seconds to complete per side!  With all 4 sides locked in place, all that was required to finish the display was to push-fit the top of the plinths, creating a fantastic plinth in a matter of minutes.


Keeping the plinths on-brand, they were supplied with full corporate branding, with a logo printed on each face and a colour matched keyline around the entire plinths.


To ensure safe transit, each plinth was supplied with a custom-made transportation bag.  The canvas bags featured padded slots for each side of the plinth and the top, helping them arrive in perfect condition, and offering a great storage solution for when not in use.


These flat pack display plinths were very popular and offered a fantastic solution to our customer.  They have already been used at the MD&M Expo in California and are making their way to their next event in Florida!


Display Plinths are commonly used at exhibitions but are also popular for use in retail shopping areas, and can be manufactured to almost any size, shape, colour and design.


If you’re looking for a retail or exhibition plinth, speak to the experts.  www.luminati.co.uk +44 (0)1752 698720.